“My Buggy Ride can be one of the highlights of your visit to Lancaster County. I think it’s a must. In the summer, a ride is a great way to cool off.” My dad says, “it’s like sitting in the shade with a fan on… 409 air conditioning…. four wheels turning at nine miles an hour !”



“This is our fifth time here this year. We love it here. Since my son woke up this morning ‘Aaron & Jessica’s’, that’s all I’ve heard.”

Mrs. Josef Katzman, Long Island, NY


“It was terrific and memorable for everyone. My thirteen year old daughter said it was magical. Everyone was comfortable on the ride, including my mother, and Ben made it very informative–we learned a lot. I can’t thank your team and Ben enough. You are lucky to have Ben as part of your team–a really great man.”

Scott Bolesta, after a 1-3/4 hr. private tour for a family of 8


“It has been a delight! She (Sarah) is a delight. The ride was just terrific and she really make the buggy ride. And you can quote me.”

Mrs. Rita Hamlin, Port Washington, MD


“Wanted to let you know we did the Amish Farm Tour this past week while on vacation, it was our first time visiting the Amish Country! We LOVED it!! Our tour guide took us to his diary farm and we learned so much! He was wonderful! We loved the tour and all we got to see and learn about. He told us all about the Amish ways of life and how they do things and it was so interesting. Our 9 year old son loved seeing the children on the scooters. He said he wish he could stay there and hang out with the children. And the cookies, pretzels, root beer and lemonade was delicious!!! My husband said we will definitely be back for a longer visit when we can see more! We are so glad we took this tour! Can’t wait for our next buggy ride!”

Amanda Carroll


“We saw things we never thought we’d see! I am going back to some of those places and visit.”

Mrs. Rogers Forget, Orlando, FL


“The sound of the horse was wonderful. The countryside is just beautiful. It was so relaxing, I wanted to go to sleep… just what I needed.”

Mrs. J. Fletcher, Connecticut


“Tell Jessica, our people from England who rode with her loved her ride. Her dad’s stories, especially his explanations about the corn harvest, Amish weddings, and horses were wonderful.”

Mrs. Nancy Crooks, International Tour Director — Peter Pan Trailways


“I wasn’t going to ride this morning, but now that I did you couldn’t give me a $100 not to ride.”

Mr. Kenneth Croom, Wilmington, NC


“I can’t believe it. It’s cold and really windy out, but it is so comfortable in here. Your quilts are just beautiful too. We’re on our honeymoon and want to come back for a Christmas ride.”

Mr.& Mrs. Tony Nazzaro, Bethpage, NY


“Our Bed & Breakfast sent us here. They thought you have the best ride. Joshua is a great driver and so polite. We peppered him with all kinds of questions, and got lots of information, Thanks.”

Col. & Mrs. J. Craig, US Army, Washington D.C.


“We came all this way just to go for a ride with you.”

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Feddema, Ontario, Canada