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Grandpa has been driving horses for 72 years! From a very early age, he had a love of farms and horses, and especially Belgian draft horses. Aaron and Jessica’s Buggy Rides has been a passion of his since the opening day! His guided tour is fun, factual, and a true delight you do not want to miss! He enjoys his frequent visits from many grand children who enjoy going for a ride with him to this day. Fun fact: This year he welcomed his first great grandchild!


Miriam was just four years old when Aaron and Jessica’s opened. She has spent many years working at various times throughout Aaron and Jessica’s tour history. She has multiple college degrees in International Studies and nursing, and even spent 11th grade as an exchange student in Japan. She has three beautiful children whom you may have the privilege of seeing helping at the rides during your visit. She has an eye for detail, and is passionate about your visit being the highlight of your trip. She is a crucial member of our Operations and Group Sales & Bookings. She is Jessica’s 4th sibling, and is Jessica’s right hand. Fun Fact: Ask her about her Sorority Rumspringa days!


Elam is member of the Old Order Amish church and spent his life as a produce farmer. He loved to learn quilts from his mother and specifically, the Log Cabin quilt pattern. He has 3 children and 7 grandchildren. Fun Fact: Ask him about horseradish leaves for sore throats!


Beth has been driving since she was 5 years old and has 50 years of professional experience with horses. She comes from a Mennonite background and loves Lancaster County because it is where her family is and is where she was raised. Fun Fact: An acting career in her youth led to her driving horses in the 1985 drama film ‘Witness’, filmed not far from our location in Bird-in-Hand.


Hans and son Emmanuel are your host farm for our Amish Farm Tour. Hans has been a steadfast driving guide for many years with us. Many customers return again, just for a ride with Hans. He enjoys baseball games, camping trips and spending time with grandchildren on the farm. Fun Fact: You will see Hans’ own Dawdi house on your farm tour!


Carrie serves our visitors in several roles at Aaron & Jessica’s in ticket sales, carriage loader, and daily equine caretaker. She grew up with a Mennonite background in eastern Lancaster county. She is the middle child and has 2 brothers. Some of her fondest memories from her childhood are on the farm with her horses. Her favorite things to do included corn-husking parties and annual harvest parties at her church. Her interests include horseback riding, gardening, and painting. Fun Fact: Carrie loves to meet new people!


Aaron was born and raised as a member of the Old Order Mennonite church (Joe Wenger Mennonite), who use horse and buggies for their main transportation. While he is not presently a church member, he loves his first language, Pennsylvania Dutch, and speaks with a very heavy accent. You will enjoy his quiet, but dramatic sense of humor, which shines through his guided tour. Fun fact: He maintains his closeness to his heritage, by continuing to speak his Pennsylvanian Dutch dialect every day to his daughter.


Daniel is one of our youngest shining stars! He is proud of his grandmother Emma Lapp and Lancaster County heritage. As we recently moved our social media and booking options to the 21st century, Daniel has been an invaluable team member, and you are sure to enjoy his professional manners at our ticket sales and reception booth. Fun fact: Daniel is proud to attend our local Pequea Valley high school!


Jake was born and raised as a typical child in an Old Order Amish church household. He is one of 6 boys with no sisters, and was raised in southern Lancaster county on a 110 acre farm. Jake has enjoyed working at Aaron & Jessica’s for more than 10 years. During Rumspringa, he discovered he loved trucks and decided not to join the Old Order Amish church. However, at age 25, a church offered him an opportunity to fly supplies to Haiti in a mission trip, and he spent the next year obtaining multiple pilot licenses and certifications. Today, if he’s not giving rides, he’ll be flying a commercial or private jet! Fun Fact Growing up on the farm, he did bull riding and survived a bull attack!


With over 35 years of experience with horses, Lynne is an integral part of the team at Aaron and Jessica’s daily equine activities. True to Pennsylvania heritage, she has a Quaker faith background. Since the age of 5 years old, she enjoyed helping her Amish neighbors harvest and learned how to drive teams of horses. She is our dedicated caretaker in the barn, feeding, bathing, and cleaning horses in preparation for their tours. She also gives rides on busy days. Fun Fact: Her hair is as long as a horse’s tail!


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