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What Kind of Horses Do You Have?

Buggy horses are usually two breeds, American Standardbred, Dutch Harness and American Saddlebred. Wagons are usually pulled by crossbred Draft Horses.

What is The Foam On The Horse's Mouth?

Foam on the horse's mouth shows that the bit is seated properly, not too tight or loose. The horse plays with the bit in his mouth and makes the foam.

If The Horse is Sweating, is That Bad?

No, it is actually good. Sweating is the body's way of cooling itself and on warm days, we monitor our horse's body temperature. If it is too hot, we take them off the carriage or rinse them off with cool water. This helps cool them down and they like it.

The Horse Looks Skinny. Is it Getting Enough To Eat?

Many horses in top condition or racing will show a little rib. They are real athletes and it does not necessarily mean they are not well fed.

Why is That Horse Bending His Hind Leg? Does it Hurt?

When a horse bends its hind leg, he is resting. Just like you do when you lean on something and cross your legs. It does not mean it is hurt.

Why do Horses Chew on Wood?

Some horses seem to enjoy chewing on wood for the same reason people chew on gum. They do not need vitamins and are not hungry. They just like it.

Do You Train Your Own Horses?

Yes, we do. Our horses are farm broke, then receive extra training for on the road. We take them through water and over plastic obstacles. We make sure they are used to loud noises and strange sights.

How Many Years Can You Work A Horse And How Long Do They Live?

Many horses can work well into their early 20’s.  Life expectancy is about 30 years old.

Isn't This Buggy Too Heavy And How Much Can A Horse Pull?

Most horses can pull 3 times their own weight, so a 1200 lb. horse can pull about 3000 pounds.  Our horses weigh about 1000 lbs. and our buggies are 1000 pounds with ball bearings to make the work easy.

“You can tell they care about their horses. We went many years without a horse buggy ride for fear of animal cruelty. At Aaron and Jessica's Amish Buggy Rides you can feel the love for the animal.”

Jane Miller



Experience the magic of a bygone era as you embark on a remarkable journey through picturesque landscapes, quaint villages, and rolling hills. With Aaron and Jessica’s Amish Buggy Rides, you’ll discover the heartwarming charm of the Amish way of life and create memories that will last a lifetime. 🌻 Visit us at our location or pre-book your ride today!
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